Customer Reviews

Here at Neptune Windvane, we pride our self both on the quality of our servo pendulum windvane products, and on the quality of our customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our happy customers have to say:

Captain Santiago

Yacht Solana

My trip to Palma (Mallorca) took 66 hours and the wind went from Force 6 to Force 0.   It is interesting that the vane also works motoring, as long as there is more that 5 knots of wind.  

At Force 6 the windvane was working well, later that night I had Force 7 and the windvane behaved flawlessly.   Later that night I had up to Force 8 and again the windvane behaved flawlessly.

Tony Whiteley

Contessa 28

I’ve found my unit very well engineered, easy to install, and practical to use. When I crossed the Channel last year, it wasn’t a fast passage at 12 hours+, but the Neptune was at the helm for about 80% of the time and performed very ably. I would certainly recommend them.

Bill DeVoe

I understand you English people stay calm and reserved even when you achieve something greatly wished and long struggled for.  Well we don’t!  Neptune works beautifully.   I took this picture with your device keeping my boat on a steady beam-reach with only 3 mph of hull speed shortly after I set it for the first time.  I have since used it on various points of sail and it does exactly what I ask of it (quietly and without excitement I might add).  Like, “What’s the fuss, Yank?”  Thank You Very Much!

Norman Brett

Bowman 36 Ketch
The Neptune fitted to my Bowman 36 ketch has been nothing but superb in its performance since I fitted it many thousands of miles ago. I have sailed from Scotland, south to Spain, Madeira, The Canaries, Cape Verde’s, then across to the Caribbean, mainly solo, except having the Neptune on board is like having another crew member (yes, I do talk to it!) I just could not have done without it

Nick & Helen Bryant

Compass 47
Nick and Helen sailed from South Africa to New Zealand, over the period 1997 – 2001, using a Neptune windvane for the entire journey. “Our Neptune windvane system worked very well and steered “Force 8” virtually the whole way, working excellently even in light winds. It is silent and takes no power – what a pleasure!

Clyde & Desne Cole

35 Ton 51′ (15.5m) Mizzen Ketch
“Congratulations, your windvane is a winner! Most of the way across the Atlantic from Cape Town, we had 15 knot winds, very occasionally up to 25 knots. The windvane did all the steering in winds of 9 knots and more. We soon learnt how to adjust the tiller lines according to the wind direction, points of sail etc.
The gear gave absolutely no problems, and the rudder steered the entire way (spare never used). Servicing consisted of checking all Allen keys and screws and spraying with WD 40. One of the best investments for cruising we made, as we were able to sit back on watch and let the Neptune do the steering.

Jenny Rorrison

Dufour 35
I finally got going this season, early in July and put my Neptune to use in my crossing from the Algarve to the Azores. Of the 950 mile trip, my Neptune helmed for 85% only inactive when the wind was less than 6 knots apparent. I am pleased with my purchase, just about the best thing since sliced bread! .

Luke Henderson

36′ Steel Sloop The Shangri-La
On August 5th 2005 I rounded Cape Horn on my 36 foot steel hulled sloop, Shangri-la. It was the trip of a lifetime and an experience that most sailors envy. But if there is one experience that I would hang my hat on it would be my solo trip north through the Le Maire straits from Ushuaia to Mar Del Plata, Argentina; regarded by Andrizzi’s nautical guide, ‘Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego’, as ‘without exaggeration, one of the toughest (routes) a yacht is likely to meet’.During this leg of the journey I relied heavily on my Neptune Windvane. I went days without touching the helm. Throughout the furious fifties and the roaring forties, with some days too cold to venture outside, my Neptune held course as I ran broad reached with a 40 knot SW gale and later beat close hauled into a 25 knot northerly . 1650 miles in 11 days. Perfect on all points of sail. I never felt alone.

William du Preez

Dean 365 Cat Cape Song
“I wrote to many windvane manufacturers around the world, as well as to catamaran owners who used windvane self steering. I also inspected and measured various windvane devices aboard many yachts and eventually chose the Neptune self steering unit. Large diameter blocks were used to lead the non-stretch rope to the steering wheel, which has two and a half turns lock to lock. We engaged the Neptune shortly after leaving our home port of Saldanha, South Africa, on our round the world journey of 1000 days and 1000 nights. With the exception of two storms, the Neptune steered “Cape Song” all the way around the world, and did it brilliantly! It was surely the one piece of equipment that performed 100%. It never broke. It never went out of alignment, although it was tested on all points of sail and in winds ranging from 5 knots to 50 knots. Maintenance was minimal as I only gave the moving parts an occasional few drops of 3 in 1 oil and tightened the Allen keys if needed. We arrived back in Saldanha with the same vane and pendulum. Thank you Neptune – at the end of our journey nothing is worn, nothing needs replacement, nothing needs adjustment.”

Colin Reid

Victoria 30 canoe stern The ‘Tui’
The first real test of my Neptune wind vane was a trip from Dartmouth to Northern Spain and back. The 120 mile passage across the Channel to NW Brittany was a fast broad reach in F 5-6 and the Neptune steered the whole way. It was excellent, steering accurately and tirelessly, and proving very responsive The trip south across Biscay was close hauled, starting in strong winds which gradually moderated. Again the Neptune steered the whole time. Coming back we had strong head winds and were beating into F 6-7 and a big sea. The boat was reefed right down and the Neptune had no problem coping with it. This trip would have been a very different experience without the Neptune. My autohelm gets overpowered in certain conditions and is a constant drain on the batteries. I am so pleased with the way the Neptune performs that I now leave it in place the whole time and find it useful for day sailing. Altogether it is one of the best bits of kit I have bought for Tui

Richard Thompson

38′ Counter Stern
I have given your windvane a pretty comprehensive workout over the last few weeks and it’s great. It transforms sailing single-handed. I hardly have to steer at all any more. In the process of bringing the boat down from New England to the Chesapeake Bay, I decided to sail via Bermuda for fun. I got as far as the Gulf Stream before bad weather forced me to turn back to the US, but the steering gear worked brilliantly. I was sailing in 25 to 40 knot winds pretty consistently for several days, with heavy squalls and some very rough seas, and the gear handled it without trouble. I was surprised how accurately it steered even in those conditions. All in all, I’m very impressed.

Trevor Clifton

28′ Twister
On my way down to Cape Horn I had real problems with electronic self steering units, to the point where I had to leave my little “Twister” in the Falkland Islands. When I went back to sail her home in early 2008, I took with me a Neptune windvane self steering unit and a stainless steel bracket I’d had made to mount the unit on the stern. It was easy to fit and, once rigged, a pleasure to use. Like all windvane steering systems, the Neptune struggles in light following winds, but, for every other wind strength and direction, it works beautifully. Mine certainly had no problem steering us in sixty knots of wind. I thought it was wonderful!

Gerhard Heinz

Steel Racer Cruiser
Now I am home after my first journey with Boreas and Neptune from the German Baltic coast to Norwegian waters until the Lofoten and Vesteraalen islands and return. I used Neptune more than 2400 nautical miles sailing on a beat, on a reach or running under conditions from breeze to heavy weather. I am glad to tell you that I am completely satisfied. I did not expect such good results. It took me only a few miles and manouvres to be familiar with the device. Neptune is easy to handle, gives an excellent steering performance on all courses, also under difficult conditions, i.e. when running only with the main sail at force 5-7 or more, without any danger of an unexpected jibe. Therefore, the use of Neptune is in my opinion, a significant contribution to safey during a trip.

Thomas Samuel

Folkboat 26
This is a view of my Neptune windvane in action, during our Folkboat’s trip around Britain last year. The gear was unbelievably good. Even though I had never used a windvane before, it was easy to set up and operate, it was powerful in heavy weather and responsive in light conditions. We had no problems with it at all and by the end of our trip we let the windvane take over the steering most of the time. Thanks for supplying such a great bit of kit!

David Thompson

Yt. Moody 379
This is just to say that the gear worked very well on our travels to the Outer Hebrides and back. It out preformed the old Aries that I had in light airs and was just as good in strong winds. I found I used it a lot more on short legs as it is so much easier to launch then my old Aries.

Charles Warlow

Pickle Rustler 36
So far so good. Had another go last week single handed and it worked a treat – can’t think why I didn’t get one of these years ago. So neat! Mind you have yet to try it in vigorous conditions, but maybe next week when I am off to the Outer Hebrides and St Kilda. Anyway, all very pleasing. –Charles

David Bowes

Hallberg Rassy 48
You supplied me with a Neptune 1070 in 2015 and I have now sailed over 7000 miles, including long passages from Turkey to the Caribbean in the last 6 months. As I often sail alone, or with just 1 crew, I use the windvane steering frequently. On the Atlantic crossing it steered faultlessly for 20 days. It is a great product and I could not have done these voyages without it! I am very happy with the Neptune and especially pleased with it’s elegant simplicity and how easy it is to fit and remove when in harbour. Thanks again.

Goran Byland

I just want to say again how good the Neptune is functioning.We have now tried it in winds from 4 m/second to 12/second, or Beaufort 3 (gentle breeze) up to Beaufort 6 (strong breeze). We are also impressed how well it performs in light airs, even when sailing downwind with the sails gull winged. When sailing and tacking against the wind it holds the yacht as if it is on rails. The Neptune performs better than most helmsmen!

Ren’e Flishman

We’re back from our holiday on the Baltic Sea. The best thing was the Neptune windvane ( the weather was terrible. It rained most days and temperatures sometimes 10 degrees C. and below) The Neptune Self steering worked fine with spinnaker, blister and heavily reefed sails. It worked in Beaufort 6 winds down to light air Beaufort 2 .

Jane & Adrian

Oyster 39
The Neptune has had a good testing, after calms and 2 gales. In the really strong winds and big swell it handled the boat like a dream! Very rarely does one need to adjust for different amounts of weather helm. “Blue Bird” just bowls along. The electronic autopilot is now reduced to motoring, where it belongs.

We have a perfect system, which makes life a dream, especially as there are only 2 of us on board.

Andy Johnston

Prout Sirocco 26ft

I have been using my Neptune wind vane on a Prout Sirocco 26ft catamaran since 2011. 

It has worked wonderfully right from the start, steering a steady course even on a light wind spinnaker run.

I sail single-handed 99% of the time and would not be without it, ‘switching it on’ as soon as I am clear of traffic.

Mounting/dismounting is just one screw and maintenance almost non-existent.

A superb piece of kit!”