Neptune Servo Pendulum Windvane

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Why a Neptune Servo Pendulum Windvane?

The Neptune Windvane works on a horizontal axis servo pendulum system.  A servo pendulum windvane uses its own rudder, together with the yacht steering system, to keep the boat on course. A servo pendulum windvane is the most efficient form of yacht windvane self-steering available.

Neptune works well when motoring as long as the wind across the decks is above 5 knots.
This is a big + and only possible as the mechanism has almost zero friction.

The Neptune windvane is simple to operate!

It connects to the yacht’s existing wheel or tiller steering system and, once set, keeps the yacht on course. Any change in wind direction, or deviation from course, causes a movement of the Neptune’s windvane. These movements are transmitted both to the Neptune’s own rudder and to the yacht’s steering system, bringing the yacht effortlessly back on course.

A Neptune self steering windvane mounted on the back of a yacht

We lovingly hand-build each Neptune servo pendulum windvane from the highest quality materials to ensure you enjoy many years of reliable self steering.

The Neptune build quality, together with the simplicity of a servo pendulum windvane, make it the ideal choice for a safe yacht passage.

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A Neptune self steering windvane mounted on the back of a sailboat

We offer four models of the Neptune servo pendulum windvane to cater for yachts from 23ft (7m) to 50ft (15m).

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A Neptune self steering windvane mounted on the back of a sailboat
Halberg Rassy 48

Naturally we believe that our Neptune servo pendulum windvane is just the best on the market.

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